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Lashes!!! Lashes!!! Lashes!!!

All Roads Leads to Eyelash Extensions!!!

Lash extensions are here to stay and they're going no where soon. They are biggest craze, and have been for the last several years. Also called semi - permanent lashes and individual eyelash extensions; they are natural looking lashes that add volume and thickness, giving your lashes length, volume, and drama for months with just maintenance touch - ups in between.

What do they look and feel like?

Lash extensions are natural looking and are weightless; they look and feel like your own - only better!

How long does lash extensions last / What to expect?

Eyelash extensions are semi - permanent (lasting for two months) which means that when your natural lashes shed so does the extension that's attached to it. Maintenance is recommended every 2 to 3 weeks to keep with them full.

Can I use mascara or eyelash curlers?

The biggest advantage of eyelash extensions is that mascara is not necessary and is also not recommended. But if you have to, only apply to the tips to avoid weakening lash adhesive; only using water-based, avoiding oil and waterproof. Mechanical lash curlers should NOT be used as they will damage lashes and weaken bond.

Taking care of lashes:

  • Avoid rubbing your eyes; be gentle.

  • Clean and brush your extensions everyday for healthy lashes.

  • Try not to sleep on your lashes.

  • Do Not use mechanical lash curlers.

  • Avoid oil - based makeup removers. Only water based removers.

  • Mascara is NOT necessary but only water based if you must.

  • DO NOT use cotton balls, Q-tips or the like.

  • Get a touch up every 2 to 3 weeks.

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